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Ipad 2 by Apple

Steve Jobs announced the new Apple tablet. The iPad will be two 33% thinner than its predecessor, will have dual-core processor, two cameras and begins to be sold in the U.S. on March 11 with the same price as the first version.

The tablet, which will be sold in black or white, received the new processor from Apple, the A5, which besides having two cores, promises to double the performance. On the outside, the device was redesigned and slimmed down 33%, to 8.8 mm thick, less than the iPhone 4. Its weight now is 580 grams.

Another novelty is the 30-pin HDMI port to stream content in full HD – cable for transmission will cost $ 39 U.S.. Even with the updates, Apple holds the promise of 10 hours of continuous use of iPad 2 and one month in stand-by.

The iPad 2 will have the same price of the first version of the iPad. The Wi-Fi version will cost $ 499, U.S. $ 599 and $ 699 for the 16GB model, 32GB, 64GB, while the 3G version will cost $ 629, U.S. $ 729 and $ 829. The device goes on sale in the U.S. on March 11 and arrive in 26 more countries on March 25.

Despite looking more fragile and hoarse voice, Steve Jobs did not spare the competition. After announcing that the first iPad sold 15 million units, the CEO of Apple said its App Store has 65 000-oriented applications for the tablet, compared to 100 Android Honeycomb.

To further intensify the competition with Android, which would flood the market with tablets of various companies, Jobs joked with Galaxy Tab, Samsung, saying doubt that 2 million of these handsets have been sold. For him, 2011 will be the “iPad 2 year” and not “the year of the copies,” while the screen showed the logo of brands like HP, BlackBerry, Samsung and Motorola.

Via: ZDNet.


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